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Posts tagged as “Harley Rose”

Key cards far from rollout

For the better part of the last year, Seattle Central College has been planning to create a key-card entry system effective enough to implement on the entire school, save the entry of Broadway Edison and the Buzz Cafe. As complicated as any all-school system may be, the key card system…

Haunted Performance Hall: The Ghosts of an Oppressive Past

Broadway Performance Hall and Erickson Theater have existed as public arts spaces on campus since the start of Seattle Colleges in 1970. The theater has been a community arts space dedicated to an inclusive variety of performances through an assortment of owners and subcontractors, including current stage manager Darrell Jamieson.…

Another one bites the dust: Seattle Weekly goes paperless

The Seattle Weekly, formerly a weekly tribune, discontinued their run as The Stranger’s predecessor and only alternative press rival, as of March 1, 2019. The last hard copy version of the paper was printed on Wednesday, February 27th. From their humble beginnings as an alternative to mainstream Seattle newspapers, the…

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