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Posts published in “Lifestyle”

Murals in the ID

Our very own visual journalist, Jordan Somers, has made local mural artists’ labors of love his mission to document for posterity during the COVID-19 shutdown and the Black Lives Matter protests. We have previously presented some of his chronicles, and we have the pleasure of sharing more of his work…

Prince and the Revolution: 3-day YouTube show

A long, long time ago in a faraway galaxy called Minneapolis, there lived a singer, songwriter,musician, record producer, dancer, actor, and filmmaker named Prince. He was a guitar virtuoso,a legendary multi-instrumentalist known for eclectic genre-crossing work, a wildly flamboyantpersona and some of the absolutely greatest live shows in the business.…


Some severe Star stuff is happening this month, my dear asteroids! Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius beginning the 10th, Venus is retrograde in Gemini beginning the 13th,  Jupiter goes retrograde in Capricorn beginning the 14th, Mercury enters Gemini on the 11th, Mars enters Pisces on the 13th, the Sun enters…

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