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Vets Still Can Get School Assistance

By Unknown

Veterans who have served on active duty at least 181 days, any part of which was after January 31. 1055, are eligible to receive up to $150 a month for their education.

The amount of the assistance is determined by how many dependents the veteran
has, how many hours he is taking and how long he served.

The assistance is provided through the Veterans Administration under the education program of the G.I. Bill.

A veteran who served less than 181 days may also be eligible if he was discharged because of a service-Incurred disability. A person who is currently in the service and has served at least two years on active’ duty also is eligible.

The V.A. suggests that eligible persons going to school be prepared to pay their expenses for at least two months. Law requires that monthly certificates of attendance be signed by the veteran and the school registrar be sent to the V.A. office each month.

These certificates can only be sent after a month’s schooling is completed. Payment checks are mailed by the V.A. on the 20th of the following month.

Information and application forms may be obtained by writing the Veterans Administration Office. Sixth and Lenora Building. Seattle. Washington

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