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Snow Day Shenanigans – A Photo Journal

On Monday morning, we all woke up to the beautiful, treacherous, deceptively festive sight of several inches of snow-covered ice on the ground. With it came a reprieve from classes, work, traffic jams and general commuting responsibilities, at least for most of us. For those of you who didn’t get the day off, including those in the service industry, caregivers and health care professionals, bus drivers and mail carriers, etc., we salute you. I’ve been singing “The sun will come out tomorrow” from the musical Annie all day in honor of your arduous travels. According to the local weatherfolks, those lyrics will actually come true sometime Tuesday morning. Here’s hoping.

The rest of Monday evening turned into an icy nightmare, especially for those of us who live in the hillier parts of Seattle. The ice was inescapably thick and blanketing most of the roads throughout steeper neighborhoods like Capitol Hill and Queen Anne once the temperature dropped. At last check it had fallen to 20 degrees. I personally got stuck with a friend going downhill on Mercer between Harvard and Summit. We made a left turn and, oh dear, that’s not good. We couldn’t get any traction to back up, and we certainly weren’t going to point the car downslope on a steep hill covered in ice that leads directly to the guardrails on I-5 north. Not exactly how I would like to die, and certainly not today Satan. Nope. Some genius decided to put the ice warning/roadblock signs at the bottom of the hill instead of the top, which apparently made sense to them at the time.  Said friend had to park her vehicle and abandon it for the night in a stranger’s driveway, and some poor schmuck was brave enough to Lyft us both home to opposite ends of Seattle. Randy, my new Lyft-driving friend; thank you, wherever you are. May your all wheel drive see you through the night, and your customers all tip you well. You are truly a snow angel. Or ice angel. Whatever. My benediction remains pertinent regardless. Also, I think I have frostbite.

Before it got scary outside, some of us here at the Seattle Collegian took the opportunity to chronicle our day away from the newsroom and classes through photos, and we thought we would share some of them with you. A little fluff on this fluffy day; you know, just because. Consider this our version of cat memes, but with dogs. We hope you enjoy a small glimpse of the snow day through our eyes and that your hearts are warmed on this cold, cold night.

Astro, the Editor-in Chief’s dog Kooper, enjoying a makeshift snowcone. Thankfully, Kooper has been educated about the dangers of yellow snow.
Ain’t he a cutie in his Chewbacca coat? He can even make the Wookie sound. What a nerd.


Wylie Bush
Faculty advisor Johnny took this photo of Capitol Hill business owner, Wylie Bush, spreading sea salt on the sidewalk outside of Joe Bar Cafe. What a trooper. Thanks for the coffee!
For breakfast this morning, our Arts and Culture editor (as well as Copy Editor) Eugenia Montsaroff went with her brother to a cafe for a pastry and hot cocoa, as is their time-honored snow day tradition. After that, she holed up in her room to do some much-needed editing work, taking occasional breaks to appreciate the lovely snow out her window.
This is Tiffany-Ashton’s dog, Lola. She likes snacking on snow, but keeps forgetting it’s cold. Cute!
This is Jordan our Print Manager’s dog, Mai. Jordan has lovingly and creatively titled this photo “idiot dog in snow”. Genius!
Our Managing Editor Tess took this photo. It is presumed that there is a car under there? Who needs to pretend to be sick to not have to come to work, when you can just send your boss this.
Are you sure you parked your car here? I don’t see it…. Dude, where’s my car?!
Maybe it’s slippery, maybe they’re drunk. No one knows for certain….
From our Web Manager, Emilio. Dude, now your car’s missing, too? This is getting ridiculous! Someone should do something!
Ice, ice, baby! Nature’s outdoor skating rink, Seattle style.
A beautiful representation of what happened to our roads on Monday night. Pretty, but deadly.
This is Petey Pupfish, who belongs to our Managing Editor Tess and her partner. He reports that snow is delicious, and he is quite happy with today’s lunch.
If 100 pounds of snow falls from a tree in Seattle, does it make a sound? The answer is yes, yes it does, and so will the person standing below when it happens. I would not want to be under there when it does. I hope you moved your car (if you can find it)!






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