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PTK Appoints Next Year’s Officers

Phi Theta Kappa’s chapter at SCC has officially announced its new officers for the academic year of 2018 to 2019. This announcement was made during the PTK meeting on May 25, 2018. There were several members and non-member who attended the meeting and extended their congratulations to the newly appointed officers.

This year’s president Tomas Chitla wished them luck as they would officially start serving the campus community under the banner of PTK in the Fall of 2018.

Nada Oakley, faculty advisor for PTK, said there were a lot of applications for these positions, but after a tough review, they selected the ones whose qualifications truly stood out.

“It took us a lot of time to decide because there were many talented and motivated applicants,” said Oakley

The new officers are as follows:

President: Devon Hall

Vice President: Hongyuan Zhou

Secretary: Fei Xu

Project Coordinator: Rachel Arneberg

Communication Coordinator: Xiayire Maimaitiaizezi

Outreach Coordinator: Robert Andres Zito

With its four pillars of service, scholarship, fellowship, and leadership, PTK is a launchpad for students to participate and make differences in their own academic lives through service to the campus and  the community beyond. Ever since the chapter of PTK was established at SCC, it has been instrumental in helping students with their transfer applications and community involvement. Many of its members have been accepted into prestigious schools with the experiences and skills they developed during their time at SCC.

Jie Shan, who was this year’s Project Coordinator, said, “As a PTK Project Coordinator, I learned to work as a team, devoting my time and energy on event planning with my subcommittee members. Our subcommittee members were amazing and their ideas and commitment lighten my courage.”

Jie Shan has been accepted into the School of Social Work University of Washington.

“As a member, I also had an opportunity to attend professional transfer workshops provided by Nada Oakely, which maximized my opportunities achieving my desired objectives of getting into UW,” she said.

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