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Police but no protest at Seattle Central

At 4:00 pm in the afternoon of Wednesday February 20, approximately 15 police officers arrived at Seattle Central in anticipation of a protest against Trump’s border wall. The protest never happened.

In the wake of the president’s February 15 decision to declare a state of emergency to secure funding for his proposed wall without going through Congress, backlash has erupted across the country. As of February 20, both the ACLU and a coalition of 16 states (of which Washington is not part) have filed suits to prevent this action. Nationwide protests have also occurred in nearly every state.

There was indeed a protest planned at Seattle Central as announced by Puget Sound Anarchists, but other than a handful of people hanging around who might have been there for a protest there were no signs of action. The police officers stayed for around half an hour by Seattle Central’s Bookstore before departing.

Photo by Devin Speak

While we were unable to photograph any protesters (obviously) we did catch this student pulling out some pretty sweet moves with his hacky sack.

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