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Photo Essay: George Floyd protests Vol. 1 – Friday


Jordan Somers  A protestor denouncing the killing of George Floyd at Hing Hay park, where the protests began on Friday, May 29th.
Jordan Somers An onlooking protestor with a sign that reads “Black Lives matter.”
Jordan Somers | The Seattle Collegian Protestors showed up en masse for Seattle’s first day of major protests denouncing police brutality and, more specifically, the recent death of George Floyd.
Jordan Somers  A protestor marching toward downtown Seattle from the city’s international district, with a sign that reads “Am I next?”
Jordan Somers Some of the signs being displayed by protestors. The one in the back says “Roast pigs 4 dinner”
Jordan Somers An Amazon Go store on 5th Avenue and Madison Street was among the first shops to get vandalized during the Friday protests.
Jordan Somers A protestor expresses his support from an elevated overhang on 5th Avenue and Marion.
Jordan Somers Police officers employed a charge protocol to clear blocks of protestors, shouting “Move back!” in unison while using their bikes as shields.
Jordan Somers A man getting pepper sprayed and charged to the ground after standing ground amid the police charge on 5th Avenue and Spring Street.
Jordan Somers 5th Avenue and Marion became an emotionally charged area as police surrounded protestors from the North and East intersections.
Jordan Somers A protestor standing atop a vandalized car shouting remarks at the police who were advancing Southbound.
Jordan Somers A police officer standing ground and gazing onward on 5th Avenue and Marion Street, after several hours of protest that began in Hing Hay Park.
Jordan Somers A police officer has a stand-off with a protestor amid a police charge to clear 5th Avenue.
Jordan Somers | The Seattle Collegian After a relatively peaceful protest leading up to 5th Avenue and Madison street, police began to charge back, spraying tear gas in the face of protestors to disperse the crowd.  A girl was sprayed directly in the face and is being tended to by several others.
Jordan Somers Police began to fire flash bangs at protestors on 5th Avenue and Madison Street in order to prevent an ongoing march to Downtown Seattle.  A woman was severely hit in her leg as a result, and several protestors came to her aid. 

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