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In the hallways: Thoughts on impeachment

“I much does he have left? A year? Why do it now? Why didn’t they try sooner? Like, I mean, twelve months…what else can [Trump] do? I don’t see much point [to] it. […] If they did it before, like two years ago, I would say that makes sense, but like they should just focus on doing an actual campaign, and try to win over [Trump].”

Daniel Marcano, student at SCC and Venezuelan immigrant

“I would be happy if it went through, yeah. It doesn’t feel like [Trump] has everone’s interests at heart.”

Adrianne Feather, Design and Apparel student at SCC

“[My opinion on] the impeachement is: number one, it’s way overdue. My issue is, Clinton slept with another woman that had nothing to do with politics, they wanted to impeach him. The man was never impeached. He went through a hearing, it fell through, and he wasn’t impeached. [In] the history books, you hear everybody continue to say ‘Clinton was impeached, Clinton was impeached.’ I want to hear, whether Trump gets impeached or not, I want him to have the same legacy. That he got impeached. I feel like with the things that are going on, and the behaviour that he is exhibiting, he needs to be impeached if for nothing else than for the hate. Now don’t get me wrong, nobody is all bad. Trump’s got good parts of him. The problem is, this world is made of human beings. And he’s lost sight of human beings. And with that being said, that’s why you’ve got all the shooting and killing, because we’ve lost the sensitivity of human beings. You can make all the laws you want in the world, like Macklemore says, ‘make ‘em all.’ But if each human being does not change who they are, we are never going to change. And that starts with you. My thing is, Trump hates himself with the utmost. You cannot be that nasty without hating yourself. So for me, forget about republicans and forget about democrats, its human beings. And when you learn to love yourself, for real and not [for] the money and not all that, that’s when change is going to happen, okay? So, we know they ain’t going to impeach this man. They come with all these lies about how ‘oh, the democrats lied about this.’ Let me tell you, we all lie. Republicans have lied, democrats have lied. But I want his legacy to be the same as how they lied about Clinton. We won’t even discuss Obama, and the taxes they wanted from him. It’s just that to me, Trump feels he can do whatever he wants but the rest of the world has to follow the law, and that’s what racism and discrimination is all about. It’s about one person being able to do whatever the hell they want to do and everybody making excuses for it, and then me, being poor, go out there and get a loaf of bread ‘cause I want to feel my family and you want to call me a criminal and put me in jail for fifty years. That’s my problem. Yeah, I think he needs to be impeached, but I know they’re not going to impeach him.”

Michelle Fields

“I’ve been at [Seattle Central College] for 28 years. And yes, I do believe he should be impeached. I don’t believe he should have ever been president. It saddens me that we’ve come to a place in this country where people can’t differentiate between the truth and alternative facts. I knew who he was before he became president, and like Maya Angelou says, ‘when somebody tells you who they are, believe them.’ People wanted to ignore who he said he was, so we are getting exactly who he is. Yes, he needs to be impeached.” 

Barbara Coston, Administrative Assistant for the Executive Dean of Workforce at SCC

“So the only impeachment I remember, because I’m only old enough to remember Bill Clinton as my oldest president…I remember that he was impeached, and I remember that there was something about this girl sucking his dick and that he maybe smoked weed, and got impeached. That’s all I know of a president getting impeached, except for now. I feel like at least now, [with] Trump getting impeached, the reason seems at least better to me than the time when [Clinton] cheated on his wife or smoked weed. So, I’m at least feeling like the impeachment process is working for a valid reason, whereas last time I felt like it was kind of ridiculous that our president was getting…I mean, not that he shouldn’t be punished, or perhaps, whatever, for getting a blowjob or smoking weed.”

Gina Nakamura, Outreach Services at SCC

“Pretty much, here is what I’ve been hearing. My stepmom has had it on the TV 24/7 for the last couple of days, but I mostly only hear parts of it, and her saying ‘when is someone going to throw him under the fucking bus?’ And also, we’re talking about it in our history class. Basically how I understand it is, the House of Representatives is trying to indict him or whatever, and then it’s going to fall on the Senate, to be the jury. But, since the Senate is mostly Republican, he probably won’t actually be impeached. But, it’s still going to be important for the upcoming elections, because, like, if he gets in that much trouble, even if he’s not actually impeached, it’s still going to be significant. I know like, abuse of powers, that sort of thing, but I feel like this should have happened forever ago, like when we heard him say that he grabbed women by the, like, you know. It’s just like, I guess this is very important for national security, but it almost feels like insignificant in comparison to everything else he’s done. Although I know it was, like, with Ukraine and…I don’t know. My stepmom, who’s a little bit weird was like ‘I bet Putin told him to do this.’ So, yeah. Although I should definitely be seeking the news myself, I haven’t been. I hope something happens from this, and I hope that it means that he can’t become president again.”

Sophia, Running Start student, High School Junior

“My thoughts on the impeachment is that it’s a biased view, honestly. Not only are we not rapists, murderers and things like that, but there’s two sides to that story. [We are] very hardworking people, and although there are some criminals in society, and that ties in with cultural background, I don’t think it’s fair to label everybody under one category. As far as being impeached, in my understanding its removing someone from office or something like that. I don’t know. I’m in the middle. I maybe favour ‘yes.’ Yeah, why not, yeah.”

Jonathan Martinez, Music student at SCC

“I feel like Donald Trump has gotten away with so much, on a minor and major scale. I think now, even the Republicans and Democrats are, like, realizing that he needs to be held accountable in some way. I still think that they are kind of going down the line of lowest to highest, and I think by the time they get to him it may not even matter. I’m just worried that people think this is normal. The last time I heard of a president getting in trouble was Bill Clinton, and I was really young then. Seeing it now, […] we’re supposed to have a certain amount of trust and respect for our leader, and I think now we don’t have that, or it’s really divided. Some people are okay with Trump, some people support him, some people don’t. Its really worrisome.” ‘

Hamdi, Information Technology student at SCC

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