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Fresh Tangerine Heist

In the early morning hours of October 10th, an estimated $51,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from a local handmade jewelry shop at their Capitol Hill location in a heist. The shop known as “Fresh Tangerine” has two locations; one in Capitol Hill, in the OddFellows building to the left of Molly Moon’s Ice Cream, and another in Pioneer Square on Yesler Avenue. The store itself is small and sells not only their handmade jewelry but candles and products from other small businesses.

That morning, two men came into the shop and stole over 2,000 pieces of jewelry. Business owner Kim Kogane called the heist a “devastating loss” especially with what they consider their busiest season just around the corner. The Capitol Hill location opened this past June as part of the company’s expansion from their first storefront in Pioneer Square. The original location also functions as an art studio. 

We reached out to Fresh Tangerine for comment but none has been given. 

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