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Dining on the Hill: Restaurant reviews

Need to find a new lunch spot that offers affordability, convenience and flavor? Here at The Seattle Collegian, we’ve got you covered! These restaurants are recommended for not only their proximity to Central Campus, but also for their yum factor and relatively low prices. If you’re in need of some flavorful cuisine close to your next class, just refer to this brief guide. Cheers!


Annapurna is a Tibetan/Indian restaurant located on the very same block as Seattle Central, near the intersection of Broadway and Denny.

Their menu options show a wide range of options for omnivores and plant-based patrons alike, with prices ranging from $7 for appetizers to $20 for dinner entrees. My personal favorites are the chicken biryani, a flavorful rice dish with spices, raisins and nuts, and “momos,” traditional dumplings served as an appetizer with mango and coconut-mint chutney. Their naan (Northern Indian flat bread) arrives to the table fresh, ready to soak up all the complex flavors from the thoughtfully combined herbs and spices. If you’re like me, you can’t imagine ending a visit to Annapurna without taking home some of their traditional desserts, like creamy cardamom-flavored kheer (rice pudding) or galub jamon (a fried donut soaked in sweet syrup). If the owner’s there, she may even offer you a small cup of delicious house-made chai.

Important notes: The restaurant is not wheelchair accessible — the entrance is down a narrow staircase — and they don’t have gender neutral bathrooms. They do offer vegan options.


Honey Hole is a sandwich place that offers a wide variety of interesting — and delicious! — sandwich filling combinations.  Along with the sandwiches, Honey Hole has a full bar open from 5pm-12am. It’s situated at the corner of Pike and Boylston.

Though Honey Hole stays busy, there are always at least a few seats available. My sandwich pick is “The Corleone,” which was basically a fancy Reuben: a half-baguette piled with mildly-spiced house-cured pastrami, melted Swiss, sauerkraut, and yellow mustard. I would also recommend “The Dude,” which consists of “marinated and grilled flank steak, provolone, mixed greens and sweet mustard”. A friend of mine recommends “The Gooch,” which is chock-full of hot sliced tri-tip steak, red onions, sharp cheddar cheese, and horseradish mayo, served with a side of au jus. She says the steak is juicy and flavorful, and the horseradish gives a nice bite — while I haven’t personally tried the sandwich, it certainly sounds tasty! I’ve also sampled their potato salad, which was flavored with dill. It was a little bland, but nothing a little seasoning and hot sauce couldn’t fix.

Honey Hole’s lunch sandwiches are all around $10, with their dinner sandwiches averaging $13.

Important notes: They are wheelchair accessible and have gender neutral bathrooms. They also offer vegan options.


Moti Mahal is a tiny quick-service Indian restaurant is a great choice if you’re craving a flavorful Indian food but may not have a lot of time or cash to spare. It sits on the block just southeast of Central, right next to the Mud Bay and Urgent Care. For such a small space, they over quite a bit in terms of East Indian-American-style fast-food. My go-to: The naanwich, with either paneer (a traditional white cheese) or chicken, served with butter sauce and extra picked relish on the side. For dessert, I ordered the rice pudding , which was perfectly sweet and creamy

Important notes: They’re not really wheelchair accessible, since there’s a short step up to the entrance door and the seating area is so tiny. They don’t have any public restrooms at all. They have vegetarian options, but not vegan ones (though you may be able to ask for some substitutions for certain condiments and/or proteins).

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