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Posts published by “Dan Facundo”

Progress Beyond Protest

On March 1st, a keynote on marginalized and disenfranchised Black youth was held in BE 1110 and led by Dominque Davis, CEO of Community Passageways (CP), a non-profit organization based in Seattle. Just within the past 12 months, CP has been able to expunge 22 high-end felonies—gun charges, shooting incidents,…

Lack of Centralized Food Pantry Leaves Students Hungry

It’s past midnight on a bitter November morning, and Kristina Sawyckyj is in her wheelchair, studying in one of Seattle Central College’s doorways. She’s pulling an all-nighter for her upcoming exam, using the light from the doorway and the school’s Wi-Fi to study. Sawyckyj, pronounced “suh-vit-ski,” has been living in her…

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