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A Letter From the Editor

To our readers,

School’s out for summer! Unless, of course, you, like the Seattle Collegian, are participating in summer quarter. In either case, the values and ideals of Seattle Central College – inclusivity, diversity, integrity and education – remain salient. In the name of those values, the Collegian remains committed to growing as a publication with a firm foundation in principled journalism.

To become a more integral part of our campus community, the Collegian is striving to make itself more accessible. Part of that effort includes growing our subscription base, and sending out bimonthly updates on the work we’ve been doing. If you’d like to stay informed about what’s happening at Seattle Central, use the “Subscribe” button at the top of the page, and we’ll keep in touch.

To further connect to our readers, the Seattle Collegian is working to grow our presence on social media. Find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We will also soon be rolling out a feature to allow readers to more easily share our content on social media. Look out for social media icons at the top of each article coming soon!

As the Collegian begins to focus on growing our reader base, we do so with deep respect for the role of journalism in a democratic society. While we are a small publication, we believe that maintaining the values of critical thinking and honesty will help to make our society more just, and better equipped to deal with the problems we all face, as Seattle Central College students, Americans and, foremost, as humans.

Having been a part of the Collegian since its founding, I am proud to have seen our writers gracefully tackle serious issues concerning the management of Associated Student Council funds, as well as the social factors limiting upward mobility. I have also been pleased to see the Collegian begin to develop a voice of its own, one concerned with the challenges of multicultural experiences and the way human connection shapes our world.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share our voice with you, and hope to continue to do so into the future.

Thank you,

Taylor McManus

Managing Editor

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