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Posts published by “Joel Raphael”

Elevating the Norm

So, a new year, a new batch of students who don’t know basic elevator etiquette.  I went over this a little in a previous op-ed, but my observations in the first few weeks of the quarter leads me to write about this topic again.  You all don’t seem to realize…

Keep to the Right

I do a lot of walking.  After bussing downtown, I walk about a mile to school each day, but the vast majority of the walking I do is in and around campus.  My classes are often in various disparate locations, and it is not uncommon for me to have to…

Sawant and Socialist Alternative Demonstrate for Employer Tax

The Astroturf park seemed an oddly appropriate location to protest the effects of Amazon’s growing influence over the city of Seattle.  In the artificial park, part of the campus which includes the Amazon Spheres, Socialist Alternative held a rally to “Tax Amazon,” in support of a City Council bill designed…

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